Running for Change
Running with my running partner Ginny.

My life running isn’t just about running as an athlete. From the moment I was born I was running. I was always trying to run away from challenges I faced in my life in my childhood. I wanted to get off of the life I was in and be someone different. Once I did, I was still running away from the truth of my obesity and unhappiness. It wasn’t until 2013, at 29 years old, I finally began to unravel the story of who I am. I saw my weight on the scale and my face in the mirror. I wasn’t me. I began to walk. In April 2014, I began to run as a sport…if running for 30 seconds counts. As I begin this blog in April 2016, I can now run 10 minutes for taking a minute walk break. I have ran 2 half marathons and numerous other 5k and 10k events.

This blog will be a place for me to share my story as it continues to unfold.

My blog will share my challenges and triumphs as an new old runner. But it will not just be about running as a sport but all the things in my life that keep me running:

  • my stories as a teacher
  • my experiences as an education grad student
  • my passion of cooking
  • travel (when I can)
  • my pet, Ginny  – a black lab who has helped me be accountable to my running goals
  • my husband (common law for those who will say “but I didn’t know they were married! Yes, he is my husband…no…no wedding. But we have a great relationship and everything besides a wedding that supposedly defines as “married”)
  • maybe sometimes things I read as I love reading. Mostly now it is scholarly work but I try to fit in other fun reads too

…and there is now where my blog begins like my life…running!

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