A 3 year journey

This year, September marks 3 years of the month when I decided I had to change. It is the first month I started to work out. I walked on the treadmill and did exercises using the Wii. At 254 pounds, I had no confidence to do outside exercise in public. This first step led me to today. 

Today…I’m exhausted. As a teacher, we’ve been back to school for a full week with the kids back for 3 days. I have a fantastic intern this year but that also does mean more work in some ways. My third grad class begins next week. And I’m finishing up some intense training for this Sunday’s half marathon. My fourth one. Returning back to school meant adjusting my schedule again as I had 2 weeks off of not worrying when to go run. 

The mornings have already cooled off incredibly and the sunrises are later and later. I’m starting my runs in the dark and finishing them as the sun rises. This morning I had to dig out mitts, earband, and my balaclava  (I have asthma and this helps it reacting to the cold air). 

The change of weather and the busy time of year has sometimes made me almost try to make excuses for my run or my workout. But this weekend I had a wedding to go to and I needed a new dress. My old dresses didn’t really fit. So far I’ve come down from a size 24 to a size 14. I found a dress I loved and on sale but it was only available in a size 12. So I took it to the change room with no hopes of it fitting. I put it on. It felt ok. But I couldn’t get the back zipper up on my own. So my next battle…do I embarrass myself and ask a sales lady to help, only for it to not fit? Or do I just give up and not take it to avoid this possible humiliation? I chose to be brave. She came…she zipped…and just like that I’m a size 12.

Left – August 2013, Size 24, 254 pounds Right – September 2016, Size 12, 186 pounds

This is what I needed to remind myself that it takes work to keep going and not excuses. Excuses got me to the 254 pounds.

And going to that wedding with family who haven’t seen me since I was 254 pounds and shocking them was a great feeling. I come back into this week feeling powerful and excited. I’ve been motivated all over again to keep pursuing my new healthy life. 

Now…after Sunday’s half marathon, I may singing another tune but it will be after running my fourth…FOURTH half marathon in a year. I never thought those words would come from my mouth or that distance to come from my legs. 

So go for it. If I can, you can.

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