No workout and junk food kind of day…

Been awhile since I felt up to writing.

We returned home from our European travels. The catch up of house work and laundry and life kept me busy. As well as getting back into the routine of having to cook again! I jumped back into my running routine as well as other strength workouts. 

I went back to my regular healthier eating habits. 

I lost the 6 pounds I gained on our travels and a bit more lost too. I began to tone up again.

Been home 2 weeks today. 

Woke up for my Sunday long run. I had planned 12k. But I just didn’t want to go.

Maybe because I have ran or worked out every day since we’ve been back.

Maybe because I was exhausted from the short summer job I did the last 2 weeks for a city kids camp program. 

Maybe because I was dog sitting our dog’s litter brother overnight and he whined for his owners all night.

Maybe because I didn’t want to have to manage 2 dogs on a run today, one being a dog I don’t run often with.

Maybe because I didn’t know if the other dog could handle the running training Ginny and I have built upon.

Maybe because Ginny was having some minor issues of her own and I knew we had to go the vet today.

Maybe because when I let the dogs out at 5am when we woke up for the run, they play wrestled and Ginny came up from one roll over her brother limping. 

Maybe because of the cramps I had. 

Maybe because my sinuses were acting up.

Maybe because I could just go tomorrow since now on holidays.

Maybe because if I ran tomorrow, most people are working and the running paths won’t be as busy.

I had a lot of maybe’s.

But then I realized. Why am I making excuses and trying to convince myself? I work out everyday. I am dedicated. I don’t need to make an excuse to take a day off. I’m allowed to take a day.

So I did.

I also ate pizza for lunch and had a Dairy Queen blizzard layer after a stressful vet visit. 

I only did 4400 steps instead of my usual 16,000-28,000 (depending on how long the run is that day). 

It felt so wrong but so right at the same time.

As I get ready to turn off the lights, I feel recharged. I feel refreshed. I feel rested.

One day won’t lose all the training I’ve put in. One day won’t make me gain all the weight I’ve lost. One day won’t reduce the toning I’ve begun to work on.

But just maybe one day will help me take on the next few weeks of training without feeling burnt out! 

And by the looks of my running partner…one day was maybe just what we both needed. 

My running partner and best friend

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