Staying fit while travelling

As we approach our last destination of our adventure, I find myself reflecting back at the past month’s challenges to stay healthy.

I know I had to let go some to enjoy the trip. Allow myself to taste all the food and beverages as well as understand that my home routine wouldn’t be as simple to achieve while exploring Europe. 

But as someone who has worked so hard to lose the 60 pounds I’ve lost so far the past 3 years and as someone who has felt the amazing results of what exercise and healthy habits brings, I can’t deny that each deep fried speciality or every pint of cider or beer makes me ponder how much work I’ll have when I get home. But the pants haven’t felt tighter so I haven’t done so bad. It was a balance I had to learn. Enjoy a special supper and have a salad for lunch. Have a big lunch, have something smaller at supper. As I feel more energetic with less carbs, that has been the difficult part. In Europe… everything is carbs. Our free breakfast buffets at hotel each morning were loaded with baking goods. I was pretty good and tried to keep to eggs as much as possible. Finding fresh fruit was rare and fresh vegetables was even more rare. I never thought I’d say I miss my daily container of vegetables for a snack.

I can’t be too hard on myself. I’ve made really good efforts to keep up my running training. But yesterday on a 4k run in York, England I felt rough and each step seemed to be a struggle. But I had to remind myself… I did it. Then today I ran basically the same route and the 6k was easier. So just like at home, each day brings you something different. 

Strength training has been more challenging to keep up with. I feel weaker arm wise and abs wise. It may also be why running is a bit more difficult some mornings. My routine has changed – in May and June, I had finally developed a good routine of doing strength training 3-5 times a week even on top of running 30-40k 5 times a week. But after I squeeze in a run each morning, we are pretty much go go go until bedtime. I miss my kettlebell workouts and other strength training workouts. But I know I can restart and I will see the changes that strength training has once given to me come back.

As I look over the past 25 days of our 28 day journey, my totals are so far:

– 92.11 km of both running and walking activity…and that is actual logged activity. Doesn’t include all our walking while sightseeing which is an insane amount. I’ll add that up and tell you about that when we get home.

– 80.41 km of running (both outside and treadmill)

– out of the past 25 days so far, I’ve managed some type of run 14 times. Typically I don’t run twice a week so that is 20 runs typically in a month. So I’ve only missed a few more than when at home. 

So looking at these numbers, I can’t be hard on myself. I’ve made a point to run whenever I could and that is enough. And we still have one more stop to make and I plan to get in at least two runs there. It sure isn’t easy between the travelling – catching trains and planes, and the  early morning excursions. But I’m proud of myself for running across Europe. I’ve managed a run in each city and country we have been to. 

I ran the streets of Paris.

I ran the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Nice. 

I ran the streets of Vienna.

I ran lots of miles on the treadmill in the Munich hotel. 

I ran in the rural coastal side of Ireland.

I ran the treadmill in London and the running paths of beautiful York. 

And now, I will soon get off the train in Edinburgh, Scotland and I will badger our tour guide about a running route here just as I’ve done in every other place. 
Welcome to Scotland! 

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