Blimey! Bloody good time in England. 

Our England tour has really “taken the biscuit”. It has a been a lot of fun. We did London for 3 and half days and York for a day and half. We leave for Edinburgh, Scotland tomorrow. Our last adventure before returning home. I found touring England to be the most welcoming to tourists. They wanted to show off their country with pride. 

We didn’t get to see all of London that we wanted. There is just too much to see and not enough time. We saw many of the need to see items. Parliament, Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminister Abbey, Buckingham Palace (with also a viewing of the changing for the guard). 

London site seeing
Changing of the guard ceremony

We did a Jack Ripper history tour one night and saw some of the oldest parts of London which is called White Chapel area.
We visited the Tower of London and saw the Crown Jewels.  

Waiting to see the Crown Jewels

We did a full day excursion  to Stonehenge and the city of Bath. Stonehenge was as expected… a pile of stones but it was amazing to finally visit it. Bath was beautiful. It poured when we arrived for about 30 minutes and then cleared up. Our excursion included a tour of the old Roman baths that was there during the time when Romans lived in the area before it was even know as Bath, England.


The old Roman baths in Bath, England

This excursion day was our last full day in England. We took off the next morning very early for York from Kings Cross station… the station they use in Harry Potter series. Unfortunately our train did not take off from platform 9 3/4… it went from platform 2.

With only a day and a half, we have had a very short time in York but we found the history is extensive and intriguing. It goes back to the times of Vikings. We have loved strolling the streets of this town and popping into museums. We went on a ghost storytelling walk last night. It was actually very good. Our storyteller had such character about him. Today, we climbed the stone wall that surrounds the town, visited the train museum and the Viking museum, we went on the hop on/hop off bus to learn  about the history of the city. 

Site seeing in York

More sight seeing in York

And of course,  we have found time for a pint or two. 


We will be soon heading out for supper in our last night in York and off to Edinburgh, Scotland tomorrow. I’m excited for Scotland! However, as the British say… I’m also quite “zonked” and the idea of going home also sounds pretty good too. We’ve been away now 24 days and it feels like forever. However, one more adventure to be had.

For more British slang…go here:


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