Slàn Ireland…Hullo London 

So we took a break from the busy monograms tours we used for our first 2 adventures. Brad’s parents (my amazing in laws) rented a cottage on the coast in Ireland so we met up with them for few days. It was simply amazing. We visited Aran islands and Cliffs of Moher. We rested and relaxed. And we took great advantage of their laundry at the cottage. 

I loved Ireland. All of it. Probably my favourite part of trip. I hope to return again  and explore it more. I even managed in 3 runs. One being 10k! 

Views of some of my runs. Last run ended with a rainbow.

Some highlights of the trip: 

Photos of Brad and I at beach in rossaveal, next 2 are from the Cliffs of Moher, last one is at Dun Aengus
Tasty Irish food. I also fell in love with a cider. And vegetables returned to plates!
Shot from Cliffs of Moher
Beach near Brad’s parents rented cottage
Amazing sunset view from the cottage
View from Dun Aengus

We had a special friend named Sciob  (Gaelic). It is pronounced Snap in English and means snatch. He liked to check in on Brad’s parents’ cottage every morning…I think because of the treats he was given. It made me miss Ginny more but we had a photo update from her kennel and she looks like she’s enjoying her vacation. 

The cottage pet Sciob
Ginny on her dog vacation

It’s funny how dream vacations are. You count down until they arrive…you enjoy them but a part of you still misses home. You don’t want your dream adventure to end but you also have a bit of homesick for those you’ve left behind and long for the normalcy of home. 

But we’ve arrived at London and our final leg of our adventure begins!!! We have London, Stonehenge, Bath, York, and Edinburgh planned before we return in 10 days from now. 

Arriving in London

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