Staying fit while travelling 

Our European adventure is the longest I’ve been away from home. Each day is filled of adventures and sightseeing. At least twice a week we are either on a train to get to our next destination or a flight to a new country. 

I seriously debated bringing by running gear with me. It was just one more thing to pack. But I did it anyway. It isn’t like I’m gone just for a weekend. This is a whole month of travelling. 

I love scheduling things and having a plan. After my first week of our adventure, i be learned to just lace up the runners whenever I can. It may not be the time of day I like to run  (I love early mornings). It may not be the weather I like  (I like sunny and no more than 20 degrees Celsius…so far I’ve been running in sweltering heat and humidity so strong it makes places sweat you didn’t know could! TMI…sorry). It may not be the days you like to run on (Sunday is 10k or more long run usually for me with Monday and Friday rest days…4k-7k runs will fill up the other days.) It may not be the view you want (I love my park at home. Paris was so dirty and gross running in area by my hotel, Nice was gorgeous, and in Vienna it isn’t bad…near a park…but so many hills). You may have to give up the type of running…for example I like outdoor running way more than treadmill. Once already I had to chain myself to the machine just to get a run in as it was not suitable to do an outside one. 

So I don’t always get the perfect conditions. But you know what? Once I return to my hotel room, I feel this weird sense of pride. Like yeah… I so just ran this dirty streets of Paris and only screamed out loud once and jumped away from the creepily tame pigeons who flock the streets. Or the views I had running along the coast line of Nice. That was something. Vienna…people watching is fun especially when I’m people watching people who are people watching me. It was apparently on of their hottest days today and even a policemen stopped me in English and said “You know you’re running on one of our hottest days. Good job.” He also said something in German after which I’m sure may have been crazy fucking tourist but he had a smile one his face so maybe he was cheering me on.

No matter what. I’ll keep it up. I may get it only 1 run a week or 3… I may not do my 35km ish average of running. I may not get in all my long distance running I love to do. I may not be training well for my September half marathon. But I’m still doing it when I can, however I can and where I can in Europe. Not many can say that. 

I used to think how can you stay fit when travelling. Not enough time. Too many things to do. Too tired from flying. No way to do it. But there are actually limitless options. 

I’ve ran outside. 

I’ve ran on a treadmill. 

I’ve walked for sightseeing. 

I’ve gone for a walk just to walk.

I’ve walked circles in airports just to be moving. (I have considered running laps in airport but don’t want security chasing me). 

I’ve used hotel towels as my mat for stretching, yoga, strength training, and cardio exercises…though I do miss my kettlebell haha.

Using Sworkit app for strength training in my hotel room.
My “exercise mat”

So is staying fit while travelling easy? No…you just have to make a point to take the moments you can to do it. And if you do, how awesome is it to say you’ve ran here? 

Besides…with all this special local cuisine, beer and wine to sample and enjoy…I need all the help I can get from some exercise!!!

Food is the other challenge of staying fit on vacation. But this is not an adventure that will happen often. I’m allowing myself to indulge a a bit. I want to sample what I can while I’m here. I’m keeping up with exercise. I may not lose weight…I may be even gain a bit even with all the exercise. But this trip will eventually end and I can get back into my normal eating routine. I’m not going to miss out on something local and tasty just because I’ve been so successful with what I eat and my exercise plan. 

So on your next vacation, allow yourself to enjoy and just try to find time to exercise however you can! 

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