The night before Paris…

Packed and ready to go! Our dream trip has finally arrived. 

The hardest part was dropping my best friend off at the kennel. But she occasionally goes there for daycare and loves it so she probably just thinks it’s a vacation. 

On our way to the kennel

We spent our last morning together doing long run Sunday early.. did it today which is Saturday since we fly at 9am tomorrow and she had to go to kennel today. We crushed a fantastic 15k run. And because I was feeling soft…we stopped to swim at 12k for 15 minutes. 

Today was my first run with my new toy as well. I upgraded from my fitbit surge to a Garmin vivoactive. I’ve had it with fitbit. They don’t fix syncing issues and this was the 3rd fitbit I’ve had. Their customer service is satisfactory… 2 surges were replaced for free. But it’s one thing to replace an item that is malfunctioning…but it does no good if you don’t fix the problems with your product to begin with. Besides constant syncing issues, every fitbit surge I had also defected at the wristband. The plastic around the screws cracked with weeks of use.

I’ve had the Garmin for a day and happy so far but time will tell. It definitely has triple the amount of features to offer for pretty much the same price as the surge. It was only $9 more than a surge. But now I get notifications for pretty much everything. Surge only had call and text. And it rarely worked because of syncing problems. So many more options for tracking runs including an interval timer which is something surge didn’t have and I really wanted.

Anyway…alarm is set to fit in a run before flight…I better get some sleep. Next time I write, I’ll be in Paris! Au revoir! À prochain fois!

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